Monday June 12th - Friday June 16th

One Time Only

Learn the essentials to defending yourself and stand up for what's right during this week. Students will also learn how to fall in order to avoid injury. Cyber safety and stranger danger will also be discussed throughout the week.

SUPER NEWS!!! This year, in addition to all of the above, students will dress as their favorite MARVEL HERO and star in an official WOW FILMS movie production!

If you are interested in this week, reserve your spot with the secured credit card form directly below. If you plan to reserve several weeks, we offer a 20% discount and will refund the balance back to your credit card.

Please contact Marelet Fleming with any questions.

Marelet Fleming

WOW Taekwondo


What is the Curriculum at WOW Taekwondo?

At WOW Taekwondo™ our mission is to provide the well-rounded, complete benefits of the authentic Korean Martial art of Taekwondo. Each week, we focus on different aspects of training.

Basics and Poomse
Breaking and Knowledge Training
Sparring and Fitness
Each belt rank has a curriculum which is specific to that level of training. The curriculum is outlined in segments which correlate to the weekly lesson topics outlined above. A copy of the curriculum is included in this manual so that students can study and practice independently. However, regular class attendance is mandatory and self-teaching at or above your level is strongly discouraged.

Scheduled Exams

Once a student has earned all of the required stripes, the instructor will issue an Examination Form. Colored belt examinations are conducted on a monthly basis. Little Warriors examinations are also conducted once a month and are always on a Saturday morning.

This is a special day. Students are encouraged to bring friends and family members to watch their exam and take pictures and/or videos. Lower rank belts are encouraged to attend the color belt exam to learn what is expected of them in the future. And all students are encouraged to attend belt exams to show support for their Taekwondo family members.

Exam Registration

Students must submit a completed Examination Form at least two days before the exam date. When completing your application, make sure to include your belt size and current belt rank. All Examination Forms and testing fees should be handed in no later than the Thursday prior to testing.

Before Exam Day

Shortly before your exam, invite your family and friends. Ask them to bring cameras and camcorders, and let them know they can cheer you on as much and as long as they want.

Find people and review your exam requirements with them. Other students, especially Black Belts and class leaders, are always happy to help you prepare.

On Exam Day

Please don’t get too nervous. Exam times are actually fun!

Arrive no later than 15 minutes before the exam time. You can use the time to warm up and stretch and ask any last-minute questions.

Wear a full uniform, including a full set of patches. Uniforms should be cleaned and neatly pressed.

Bring your safety gear. This is required for all belt levels except White Belts testing for High White. Students who do not have their safety gear will be asked to test at another time.

Just before the exam, everyone being tested lines up just as they would in a regular class. An instructor leads a warm-up, and the exam begins.

Belt Testing

Exams are an important part of your Taekwondo training at W.O.W. Exams give you an opportunity to show your instructors, fellow students and families that you understand and can competently demonstrate the techniques and knowledge listed in the curriculum for your current rank.

Exams are not meant to be easy, but remember that you are invited to test only after your instructor believes you are ready. It is a good idea to think of each exam as a challenge to be enjoyed, rather than an ordeal to be endured. The atmosphere at an exam is energetic and supportive. Remember that our mission is to help you succeed.

The following prerequisites apply to color belt exams:

Attend a minimum of 24 classes during a three month period.*
Earn four stripes
Receive your instructor’s approval.
*High Red Belts must attend a minimum of 32 classes during a four month period.

Helpful Tips For Testing

- Make sure you get a good night’s sleep
- Eat a hearty breakfast
- Hydrate
- Bring friends and family for support
- Make sure your uniform (dobok) is clean
- Bring sparring gear (if applicable)
- Be on time
- Prepare to do your best and be loud

Black Belts

Students advance to First Dan Black Belt from Deputy Black Belt after a minimum of 6 months training period. Higher Dan ranks, which are outside the scope of this guide, follow the first Dan rank.

Stripe System

Whenever the instructor feels that you understand and can competently demonstrate the particular requirement, you can earn a tip on your belt. After the first stripe is earned, the instructor will award another stripe when the next of the requirement belt is mastered. After all the requirements for advancing to the next rank are demonstrated, testing information will be given to the student.

White Stripe is for Poomse
Yellow Stripe is for Self-Defense
Green Stripe is for Sparring
Blue Stripe is for Breaking

Rank Levels

In addition to the usual rules of etiquette, we follow some rules that are specific to the Dojang. These rules are based on traditional Asian values of respect and courtesy. Students of lower belt rank bow to students of higher rank. The senior students return the bow.


Jun 26th


Mon 6/26 - Fri 6/30
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Week Two From June 26th Until June 30th


Jul 17th


Mon 7/17 - Fri 7/21
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Week Three From July 17th Until July 21st


Jul 24th


Mon 7/24 - Fri 7/28
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Week Four From July 24th Until July 28th


Aug 7th


Mon 8/7 - Fri 8/11
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Week Five From August 7th Until August 11th


Dec 12th


Tue 12/12 - Sat 12/16
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
Week Six From August 14th Until August 18th



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